8 Best Snapchats to Follow for Marketing Inspiration

best snapchats

As an entrepreneur, it’s critical that you do everything in your power to get your brand into the eyes of the public. You’ll want your store, and the products that you’re selling, to be seen by as many people as possible. After all, traffic equates to potential customers.

Social media platforms, like Snapchat, are great mediums that you can use to drive traffic to your ecommerce store, showcase your brand, and build a loyal following. After all, Snapchat does boast more than 158 million daily users, and more than 10 billion video views per day.

If you’re interested in using Snapchat as a platform to market your brand, you’ll have a lot less competition with entrepreneurs, who have already saturated the markets for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This means that you’ll be able to take advantage of a platform which has a wide reach, and it currently has much lower competition than other social media channels.

We know it can be daunting to get started on a totally new platform, so we’ve created this article to show you how you can use Snapchat to market your store, and to provide you with some examples of other ecommerce businesses which have nailed their Snapchat marketing.

Let’s get started.

How Snapchat is Used for Marketing

best snapchats

Snapchat, as a platform, has a unique design and functionality. Snapchat revolves around time-limited pictures, videos, and stories, which you can build a full narrative around. As a marketer, you can use this functionality to provide your audience with engaging content that will not only promote your store, but will also help you to make more sales.

When you’re marketing on Snapchat you can create a wide variety of content that your users will love. You can showcase your latest products, tease upcoming product launches, communicate with users, document the creation process for your products, or just update your audience with your daily tasks — if somebody has added you on Snapchat, they’re interested in your brand, and the people behind it. As your business grows and you hire more employees, you’ll have even more opportunities to grow.

It’s important that you’re aware of the demographics of Snapchat’s users, as this will help you to be successful with your marketing efforts. Snapchat is extremely popular with the younger audiences. Variety surveyed Millennials on their usage with the app, and most users aged  between 18-24 said that they send an average of 2-5 snaps per day. In addition, only 12% of Snapchat users are aged between 35-54, so it’s a great way to tailor your content and advertising efforts to a young audience, and secure return customers.

When you’re running your store you can take advantage of Snapchat Ads, which was created specifically to help businesses grow their reach. This platform may not be suitable for ecommerce stores that have just started, but it’s certainly a valuable asset for successful ecommerce stores. Snapchat Ads are effective as they allow you to get your message to users without them adding you on the platform. You can check out more on their page here.

Why Snapchat is Great for Ecommerce Businesses

Snapchat is a fantastic tool which ecommerce businesses can incorporate into their marketing activities. You can combine text, images, and video together to market your business and it’s products to a large range of users. It’s also a lot less invasive than other marketing channels. Your users need to click on activities like your Snapchat story to view it, which will help avoid negative feedback from your audience.

You may be looking for inspiration for your own Snapchat marketing activities, so we’ve created a list below which includes a variety of brands which are nailing their Snapchat activities right now. Feel free to use these examples to gain marketing inspiration for your own business’ Snapchat efforts.


best snapchats

Account Name: Shopify

If you’re looking for Snapchat inspiration, Shopify is one of the best brands that you can follow on the platform. Shopify post Snapchat stories frequently, so you’ll be able to engage with their content and garner lots of ideas. They combine high-quality content with interactive content, like Snapchat takeovers. A Snapchat takeover involves you giving access to your account to another brand, and letting them run your activities for the rest of the day — it’s a great way to introduce new ideas to your audience, and keep your content fresh and exciting. Many ecommerce brands run their stores using Shopify, so they have a wealth of possibilities for their takeovers. When you follow Shopify on Snapchat, you’ll be able to view not only their content, but also the Snapchat activities of many other ecommerce brands.

Taco Bell

best snapchats

Account Name: TacoBell

Taco Bell have been using Snapchat to provide content to their users since April 2013, making them one of the early-adopters to the app. They’re still prevalent on Snapchat today, and continue to run successful campaigns, meaning that they’re perfect to follow if you’re looking for inspiration. Their most successful Snapchat campaign was for Cinco de Mayo, which was viewed 224 million times. Taco Bell have a dedicated team who post regular content to the Snapchat stories section, usually around 3 times per week. If you’re looking for creative inspiration for your brand’s Snapchat activity, Taco Bell are well worth a follow. They go to show that you don’t need to post every day to be successful on the platform.

Red Bull

Account Name: RedBull

Red Bull’s social media activity is excellent across all platforms, so it’s no surprise to find them on our list. If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to solidify your brand’s image on Snapchat, their account is essential viewing. Not only to they post unique content from various events around the world, they have also taken advantage of sponsored filters, the latest of which was to celebrate the start of Summer. Sponsored filters are a great way to increase awareness for your brand, whilst providing great value to your audience, but they’re much more suited towards large ecommerce businesses, as they can be quite pricy.

FC Bayern Munich

best snapchats

Account Name: FCBayernSnaps

FC Bayern Munich are one of the best known soccer teams around the world, and they’re also one of the best brands to follow on social media. On Snapchat, they offer a unique insight into life behind their brands core focus, which is football. FC Bayern Munich show that behind the scenes footage is valuable for an engaged audience, and people who love your brand and are interested in the people behind it will love this content. You can take plenty of inspiration from their account and use it to fuel your own Snapchat activities.

Gary Vaynerchuk

best snapchats

Account Name: GaryVee

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American serial entrepreneur, and is extremely active on Snapchat. His activity on Snapchat is mostly inspirational quotes related to business and entrepreneurship, which is a great idea for your own brand’s Snapchat activities. This type of content on Snapchat is easy to digest, and will certainly resonate with your audience. You can even use these inspirational quotes to spur you on whilst you’re running your own business.


best snapchats

Account Name: Bodybuildingcom

If you’re running a fitness or athletics brand, Bodybuilding.com is one of the best Snapchat accounts to follow for both marketing inspiration, and product validation. They know that people who are interested in the fitness and health niche are looking for inspirational content like workout tips, dieting tips, or product explanations. If your brand falls aligns with this, you can emulate the activities of Bodybuilding.com and provide your audience with great content that’ll make them more likely to purchase products from your store.


best snapchats

Account Name: ChubbiesShorts

Quicky men’s clothing brand Chubbies is a great example of using humour to your advantage on Snapchat. The brand has used social media as a part of its marketing efforts for a while, and they realised that Snapchat is a channel that a lot of their audience use regularly. In light of this, it’s no surprise that Chubbies chose to use Snapchat to further increase their brand’s reach. They run a weekly comedy sketch on Snapchat, which has worked well to draw in regular viewers and they are reaping the benefits from their choice to do so.

DJ Khaled

best snapchats

Account Name: DJKhaled305

We simply couldn’t create a list of the best Snapchats to follow and not include DJ Khaled. He generates millions of views per Snap he posts, and has truly mastered the art of storytelling on the platform. If you’re looking for Snapchat marketing inspiration, it’s a great idea to follow DJ Khaled’s activity — whilst he isn’t a brand as such, he has become synonymous with the platform.

Start Growing Your Brand’s Reach With Snapchat

Now that we’ve covered some great brands which use Snapchat to grow their business, it’s time for you to start engaging with the platform to increase your store’s reach. Feel free to experiment with the platform and take inspiration from the brands that have been listed in this article.

Want to learn more?

If you’ve got any questions about Snapchat, or ecommerce in general, feel free to ask them in the comments section below — we’re happy to help!

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