How Will Chinese New Year 2018 Affect Your Store


As dropshippers, your business is dependent on Chinese dropshipping suppliers. There have been many rumors swirling around about how Chinese New Year will affect your store. Some claim that you won’t be able to sell products for three months. The good news is that most of the rumors you’ve read aren’t even close to true. We’ve contacted suppliers on AliExpress to find out the truth about the new year shutdown.

When Is Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year 2018 will take place on Friday February 16 this year. On average, suppliers take a week off to spend time with their family and friends. This is comparable to people taking extra time off during the holiday season (Christmas and New Years) in North America.

Just as you might have a couple of weeks off work during the holidays, some suppliers might choose to extend their holiday a week earlier or later. They’ll likely start slowing down production before their weeklong holiday. Thus, it’s important to contact each supplier you work with to get exact dates on when they’ll be shutting down and starting up again. Also, it’s good to know dates so that you can slow down your ads during the period.

When is Chinese New Year 2019 – Tuesday, February 5

When is Chinese New Year 2020 – Saturday, January 25

When is Chinese New Year 2021 – Friday, February 12

When is Chinese New Year 2022 – Tuesday, February 1

When is Chinese New Year 2023 – Sunday, January 22

When is Chinese New Year 2024 – Saturday, February 10

When is Chinese New Year 2025 – Wednesday, January 29

When is Chinese New Year 2026 – Tuesday, February 17

When is Chinese New Year 2027 – Saturday, February 6

How Long Does It Take for Products to Ship during Chinese New Year?

Prior to Chinese New Year, some suppliers might slow down production a week or two in advance. Thus, orders received a week or two before the actual date might be delayed. In addition, orders received during the week of Chinese New Year will experience delays too.

There are a few factors that influence the ship time for the products. You’ll need to contact the suppliers you work with the most to get specific information. Ask each supplier when they’ll stop processing orders and when they’ll start again. Also, if you’re using ePacket ship times will be faster than if you use standard shipping.

Importantly, some suppliers might not even be based in China. As non-Chinese suppliers wouldn’t celebrate the holiday, there might not be any delay at all with certain products on your store.

Chinese New Year

Should I Close My Store for Chinese New Year?

No. There’s no need to close your online store during Chinese New Year. Some blogs and Facebook groups will dramatize delays during Chinese New Year.

On average, suppliers take a week or two off. Will Chinese New Year affect your store? Yes, but only for a couple of weeks at most.

What are the best selling products on your store? Contact the suppliers that make your best selling products to find out exactly how long they’ll be off for. Once you have this information, you can decide how to proceed with your store.

For example, if a supplier for a popular necklace is going to take a month off, you might want to hide that product on your store temporarily. If a supplier for a popular shirt is taking a week off, you might choose to spend less on ads temporarily.

In general, if a supplier plans on taking more than a couple of weeks off, hide the items from your store a week or two before the dates they’ll be closed to prevent delays.

Another important reason why you shouldn’t shut down your business during Chinese New Year is you’re going to scare your customers. Imagine ordering from a store and a week later the store closes. Customers who haven’t received their order yet will freak out.

It’s important to stay active on social media, answer emails and keep your store up.

Chinese New Year 2018

Which Niches Will be Most Affected by Chinese New Year?

When it come to which niches Chinese New Year affects the most it’s typically those in late January or early February. For example, if you sell lingerie, orders might not arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. If you sell masks, you might miss out on Mardi Gras sales depending on the year. If you have time-sensitive niches, Chinese New Year may affect your delivery times.

How to Handle Customer Inquiries About Late Packages from Chinese New Year

Some customers may be concerned when their package is delayed. However, there are a few extra steps that your business can take to maintain the customer’s peace of mind.

First, ensure that you post on your website that delays may occur during Chinese New Year. If you don’t want your customers to know that your products are from China you can list dates instead. For example, ‘There may be shipping delays between date-date.’ You might want to have a sticky bar banner on your website that states this. You might also want to place it on product pages that you send your ad traffic to.

Second, remind your customers via email of delays as soon as they place their orders. Having automated emails sent out informing them of delays ensures that they get the message in case they missed it on your website. Also, it’s great for reassurance when they realize the order hasn’t arrived yet a couple weeks later.

Third, respond to all customer inquiries. You might have a few upset customers if their package is delayed. However, be kind and patient when responding to them. Aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours so customers can be reassured that their package will be arriving.

Next, make sure you keep an eye on every package that’s being shipped during that period. If you notice a couple items haven’t been shipped around that time, be aware that certain customers may contact you. You can even take the initiative to let them know of any delays. Sometimes it’s better to be proactive than reactive.

Lastly, place your orders on time. By placing AliExpress orders within the same day and having cut off deadlines for certain products for Chinese New Year you help prevent any upcoming issues. Follow your suppliers’ timeframes to ensure your customers receive their products on time.

When is Chinese New Year

How to Keep Your Store Afloat During Chinese New Year

As a store owner, you’ll experience a slight hiccup for a couple of weeks during Chinese New Year. To keep your business profitable during that period, you’ll need to make some slight adjustments.

First, spend less on Facebook advertising. Now is not the time to scale. As soon as your suppliers come back from their holiday, you can scale your ads. In the meantime, spend less on advertising. Sure, you’ll have fewer orders but at least you’ll have fewer refunds to worry about. Also, focus your ads on products from suppliers who will only be off for a week. If a supplier will be off for a month, avoid promoting their products temporarily. You can also focus on sending traffic to non-Chinese suppliers who don’t celebrate the holiday.

Second, if your store also sells print on demand products, you should focus on those products temporarily. This will allow you to keep making money on your store during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Third, continue your marketing efforts. While you might spend less money on advertising, you should still continue posting on social media multiple times a day, blogging regularly and other activities to keep your brand at the top of mind. This helps reassure customers who’ve already ordered while also building relationships with potential customers.

Lastly, keep money in your store’s bank account. You should always have money in your bank account. If you have less money coming in for a week or two, you should still be able to pay all of your monthly expenses with savings in your account. Don’t spend every dollar you make.

When does business go back to normal after Chinese New Year?

Business will go back to normal about a week or two after Chinese New Year for most suppliers. Some suppliers might be off a bit longer but it depends on each one. You’ll need to contact your suppliers directly to find out more information.

Keep in mind, since Chinese suppliers were off for at least a week, they’ll have a backlog of orders they need to get to first which delays things a bit for them. You’ll want to keep an eye on orders and keep customers informed throughout the process.

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  • jfreemom

    Great article Nicole. I was worried being a new dropshipper about the Chinese New Year because of the horror stories I heard about them being off for at least a month, etc.. Glad to know that this is not true for most suppliers from China!

  • Nicole

    Thanks! I was worried too when I first heard about it. Then, I contacted my main suppliers and they all said the complete opposite of what everyone else was saying online. There’s a lot of misinformation around. There may be the odd supplier who is off a bit longer than expected but it’s not the case for the majority. Contact your suppliers to find out what the situation will look like for your store specifically and make adjustments accordingly. Hope things run smoothly for your store during that period!

  • Alex

    Hi Nicole, I have a store that made sales using google adwords but not are consistent a keyword can have a conversion of 3 %, and others pass 2 days and ni one sale.

    I have tested fb ads too , I can get cheap clicks around 0.15 – 0.2 usd but I dont have much lucky i had 1 abandonment cart.

    The problem is that my sales and conversion rate is very low… yesterday I had 124 visit and only 1 sale. ( profit is only 20 USD ,…. and with upsell i can made 50 usd )

    If my CPC of 0.3 – 0.7 usd for example ( I need have around 4 % – 5 % in my conversion rate)

    The time per sesion of each user is around 1 minute 30 s and some people spend around 7 -8 minutes watching my video testimonials

    What can be my mistake? I understand that fb ads can be a little more difficult but in adwords is people that search my product

  • Dennis

    Now that I know when my suppliers are on Holiday I still have no idea if epacket is delayed also. Are packages still accepted and shipped to the US, or is that delayed also because those shipping employees are on Holiday also?

  • Nicole

    How much do you spend on ads per day? How many different products have you run ads to? What type of Facebook ads are you using? Are you retargeting customers?

  • Nicole

    Hey Dennis, looking into this for you. I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear back.

  • Alex

    I spend around 15 USD per day (CPC average of 0.2 – 0.3) in total around 300 USD . I use WC view content with a video ads. Yep I use retargeting in FB and Adwords

  • Dennis

    Awesome, thank you!

  • Nicole

    Hey Alex, on average if I’ve been running an ad and it’s hit $100 or has been running for 5 days without a sale, I usually try a different product. With my store, I’m constantly testing different products in my ads. I normally don’t do video ads, haven’t tried them much so I can’t give advice about that. However, if you’ve spent $300 and only got one sale, it’s time to test another product. If your budget is about $15 a day, I’d split that into three different ads for three different products to see which one gets traction. Once you get an ad that converts well with the small budget you can start increasing it. Sometimes the successful ad, on FB, breaks as it needs to reoptimize so I’d recommend running the ad for 3-5 days to let it readjust with the new settings.

  • Alex

    Thanks for your reply Nicole, that mean that is a bad product? In Amazon for example is a product with high sales around 2k-4k units per month… so i don’t understand what can be the problem ….

    Adwords is making some sales and fb 0 .

    What is the conversion rate “standard” in your experience using retargeting?

    How many times a user must visit your website “using retargeting” to convert them in buyers?

  • Shaker

    Hi Nicole,

    Great article. I learned a lot. Should you also ask suppliers when the last day to put a order through is, so that the product ships before cny shuts things down?

  • Alberto Guidotti

    Nice article, Thanks!

  • Nicole

    Hey Dennis, they’ll be closed for a week. However, there will be delays for a couple weeks after that as there will be a backlog.

  • Nicole

    Hey Shaker, you can contact them for when to put your last order in. However, I feel like you might get vague answers because they likely won’t want you to stop putting orders in. For the most part a week or two before the holiday they start slowing down. Yet, you can ask to double check

  • Nicole

    It doesn’t mean it’s not a bad product. It might mean it’s not an impulse buy product. For example, if you got an ad on FB for bandaids would you feel compelled to buy it right now? Probably not. Some products get people really excited that make them want to pull out their credit card to make a purchase right away. It’s about finding those products and putting them in front of people. People don’t usually go on FB to buy products so you have to have something that would convince people to buy then.

    If Adwords is working for you, then you should keep playing with and testing your ads on it to keep growing it.

    We have multiple retargeting ads. Our most successful retargeting ad retargets our blog traffic. It only converts at 1.53% however, it’s highly profitable bringing in more than 3x the revenue.

    The last question is kind of tricky. I might write a retargeting article and explore it further for you by testing some more variables.

  • Nicole

    Thanks Alberto! Hope everything’s going well with your store!

  • Alex

    Thanks Nicole to reply all my questions. Today I have 100 visitors again but not much luck only 1 person with interest in a coupon . Do you know someone that have experience and can checking my campaigns? Honestly I need help to know what is wrong. I can pay for the help

  • Shaker

    Thanks. Makes sense. So how are you going to be handling your store for that time frame? Are you just going to slow down ads and put up a notice saying shipping is going to be slow from this date to this date?

  • Thomas Straetmans

    Hey Nicole, I’m new to dropshipping and was just wondering. Is there a way to find suppliers outside of China specifically on Aliexpress? I can’t seem to filter on the supplier’s location like you can on Alibaba. Thanks!

  • Nicole

    Hey Shaker,

    I’ll be slowing down ads during this time. I’ll also be setting auto responder emails saying there will be delays. Our website will also mention this.

  • Lydia Pflieger

    This is great information! I was concerned about how CNY would affect my fledgling store. Thanks for the info!

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    I learned everything I know about FB ads through Justin Cener’s course

  • Nicole

    Sorry for the delay. I’ve been asking around for this as I thought there was a way to do this easily. I don’t think you can filter by country specifically. Though I know you can choose where it ships from as some ship from the US.

  • Alex

    Thanks for the page . But Is the same that you can find in youtube videos or others …. I need can know exactly what can be my fail. Because honestly is a little frustrating be stuck and know what is wrong

    Do you drive your traffic to …

    -Product page ?
    -Blog Article?

    That are the 3 strategy that i have see in others persons…. and 90 % talking about benefits of her product ( in a article or in a video)

    About Retargeting….

    -Do you use 2 segment ? ( View Product “showing product that the visitor watch in the page /Add to cart + Discount? )

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    For my store, I drive traffic to specific product pages and blog posts. I’m going to write an article about retargeting and answer everything you need to know about it. If you have more questions about retargeting let me know and I’ll include it in the article. I’ll share everything I do on my store in it too so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

  • Justin Wong

    Should I order on Aliexpress during the holiday?

  • Nicole

    It depends. One of my suppliers isn’t taking the holiday off so we’ll still be ordering through them. Another one of our suppliers is taking 3 weeks off. Focus on directing traffic to the products that’ll be available. You still want to mention that there will be delays as China Post will still take the week off.

  • Vinh Quang

    i haven’t opened the store yet and I aware this holiday, so do you think this is the good time for me jump on this or I have to wait after they finish the holiday? what the best advice for a newbie like me in this situation? thank you

  • Vladimir Federovski

    Waow Tahnk you! Amazing article :))

  • Is this any different than the Chinese Spring Festival?

  • The Valentine’s niche will be the most affected one 🙁

  • Christa D’Auria

    Well I know about Chinese Culture and the Chinese New Year in my previous times as well as my packages from following my orders usually are delayed so fairly oversea to arrive at my current residence in New York, U.S.A.– Not worrying. :-)!!! Christa D’Auria

  • Christa D’Auria

    Happy Chinese New Year Day– Year of the Dog! In a fact I was born in 1951 ( Year of the Rabbit in Chinese Zodic and Year of the Cat in Vietnamese Zodic). Greeting from New York, U.S.A.! Regards, Christa D’Auria

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  • Joe R.

    I’ve been working in eCommerce for 20 years, working with Chinese suppliers for nearly as long including some time with my own factory near Guangzhou. And if you’re really trying to convince people that there is only a week, maybe two, of disruption in China, then that is really doing a disservice to the people who don’t know any better. It’s literally the largest human mass migration effort in the world each year. This isn’t taking a week off between Christmas and New Years, because things here don’t completely shut down that week like they do in China. And it’s for a longer time period as well.

    Having worked with large global brands that have trouble getting things done during that nearly month long window, to convince some small dropshipping person that things are going to go relatively uninterrupted is downright unethical, sorry.

  • Joe R.

    It’s the same thing. And it last 15 days, from New Year’s Eve for two weeks after the new year. Not sure if the author of this article has ever worked with Chinese factories before, but it’s not as simple as the article misleads you to think.

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