To optimize your ecommerce store for online shopping, you need to know how users view your store. This means that you need to understand the most popular browsers consumers are using. 

Google’s Chrome is the leading internet browser in the world with a global market share of 66.3 percent. In other words, more than six out of every ten people in the world use Chrome to browse the internet.

Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox are the next two most used web browsers with market shares of 16.76 percent and 4.08 percent respectively. Even though they rank second and third, their popularity pales in comparison with that of Chrome’s. Their combined market shares make up less than one-third of Chrome’s.

Internet Browser Market Share by Platform

Zooming into the internet browser market shares on different platforms, we see that Chrome continues to dominate as the most popular browser on desktops and mobile phones, with 69.66 percent and 64.63 percent market shares respectively. 

But Chrome’s market share for tablets tells a different story. While it continues to be among the two most popular browsers, it falls into second place with 39.74 percent and Safari leads as the most used web browser with a 46.88 percent market share. 

However, that may soon change as the latest figures show falling usage of Safari on tablets and a growing reliance on Chrome. In the one-year period from September 2019 to September 2020, the internet browser market share of Safari for tablets fell by 19.19 percentage points. Meanwhile, Chrome’s market share grew 17.34 percentage points.

The market shares of the most popular browsers also vary according to region. For instance, Chrome and Safari continue to be the two most used web browsers in the US, but the gap separating them is significantly smaller than on a global scale.

Chrome’s internet browser market share in the US is 47.94 percent with Safari in a close second at 35.45 percent—a difference of 12.49 percentage points.

This is followed by Edge at 4.62 percent, Firefox at 4.04 percent, Internet Explorer at 2.5 percent, and Samsung Internet at 2.19 percent to round out the five most popular browsers in the US.

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