Given that the number of people shopping online increases year after year, the rise of ecommerce cannot be denied. 

But just where do consumers go when shopping online? What are the top online shopping websites?

In terms of top ecommerce sites by visitors, sits comfortably in first place. The latest figures show that in June 2020, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, online visits to the world’s biggest online shop exceeded 5.2 billion

Amazon has a dominant lead over the rest of the pack. Its number of website visits is nearly 3.5 times that of the second-biggest online shop and one of its closest competitors, eBay. In that same month, just over 1.5 billion consumers worldwide visited

Together, these two top online shopping websites registered a total of 6.741 billion visits. This makes up 57 percent of the total number of visits to the top ten ecommerce sites and more than the remaining eight on the list combined.

The third on the list of top ecommerce sites by visitors is, a Japanese ecommerce website, which drew 886 million visitors.

The fourth- and fifth-largest online retailers move away from being general ecommerce stores selling a wide variety of items to a more specific category: electronics. Fourth on the list is, with 718 million website visitors. This is followed by, which attracted 690 million visitors.

Incidentally, Apple and Samsung are also two of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Their product range, however, extends beyond just smartphones. Other electronic items like smartwatches, tablets, and home appliances are also sold on their websites.

With electronics being one of the top online shopping categories worldwide, it’s no wonder Apple and Samsung rank among the top online retailers.

US-based and are the sixth- and seventh-largest online retailers in the world. Walmart, known for its massive hypermarkets, saw 622 million visitors, while Etsy, a marketplace for crafts and creative goods, attracted 578 million website visitors. 

Eighth on the list of top ecommerce sites by visitors is AliExpress, commonly called the “Amazon of China,” with 539 million visitors.

Rounding out the ten biggest online shops are with 450 million and with 417 million visitors.

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